Creative Journey : Work Progress

Since being here we’ve been assigned several tasks to do which have been fun and a great introduction to meeting people and to the course. The first task was done in pairs and we had a briefing to find something in a charity shop and reinvent it, each partner paying £1 towards the object.  This was very exciting with lots of possibilities and the ideas between us where endless.  This is when my partner and I first noticed the amount of creative freedom allowed, something both of us hadn’t experienced before, and this excited us further about what we could do with the project.  After several quite different and strange ideas, including making a fluffy monster out of an old hat, we found an old children’s book about monsters and we felt inspired to continue this further into more of a sinister tone.  We also thought this would be handy as a prop for any horror films or photographs we make in the future, and therefore would be an overall plus. We used a mixture of acrylics and ink in order to graffiti the book and make it as creepy as possible, as well as standing outside in the freezing cold for about half an hour burning the edges! We also had to do some research into frightening symbols to make the horror seem more realistic and thought out.


IMG_2475 IMG_2476 IMG_2479

IMG_2485 IMG_2486

As we were planning our designs this picture fell out of the book, giving us even more inspiration to continue with the idea as well as using the photo’s motif ‘A load of mischief’ for a key element of writing. This quote can be found all over the cover, as well as various places inside, giving the story a bit of depth and background.


We also thought it would be a cool idea to reference movies throughout the book as our own personal touch.



I’ve always been interested in animation, and in my spare time I got inspired to focus more on character design in a more cartoon style, rather than following my traditional ways of sight drawing. I found this very relaxing and I really enjoyed thinking about what physical traits and personalities to give my characters.

IMG_2472IMG_2494People have told me my style is quite ‘Burton-esque,’ and so I decided to look into his style of drawing as well.

IMG_2470I’ve been really enjoying doing my own creative projects recently, as well as those set in my course. Doing stuff like this reminds me to stay creative and think about how I can better my work.


Creative Journey : The Big Move

I’m beginning my creative journey story with the topic of moving home to a completely new area with new people and what impact that’s had and is currently having on me. This may possibly be the least important post, but yet it’s been a significant part of my life over the past couple of weeks. I came from Northern Ireland from an extremely small but rather lovely village called Magheralin (I’ve discovered it’s hard to pronounce over here!).



Despite being apart of the UK, it was still quite a journey to get to UCA, consisting of a long drive to Dublin, a two hour boat journey to Wales and then finally a ten hour drive down to Farnham (we got lost!). Moving may not seem like a big deal to some but basically the majority of people who are in Northern Ireland just seem to stay there indefinitely….well as far as my experience has seen. This factor has been very daunting for me, especially in the few weeks before the big move as I knew this meant leaving a lot of old friends and family behind, and moving somewhere in which I knew absolutely no one. It was quite a scary thing to do and I felt like no one really understood because there wasn’t anybody in a similar position. I get asked a lot why I chose to move away from home…it would have been a safe option, it would have been cheaper and it’s one that I understand very well with a lot of benefits, but the problem is Northern Ireland doesn’t seem to offer many creative opportunities for students. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few creative events and productions going on, such as Game of Thrones, but there isn’t really much in terms of getting training for such things, like going to uni. So basically I moved because I had to…in order to improve my abilities and skills.


Before moving I felt like my creative abilities were at an all time low. I didn’t have ideas, I didn’t draw and I had a worrying lack of inspiration. This made me feel nervous for the upcoming year at uni. How would I fit in with other creative people when I wasn’t being creative myself? It’s fair to say I was worried.

Luckily as I’ve settled down in Farnham, I have felt so much less uptight and worried about what I was going to be doing here. Being surrounded by creative people didn’t push my ideas back and instead of being intimidated I’ve felt a lot more inspired and encouraged by the people around me. Everywhere in the university radiates creativity, from the walls that display student work throughout the building to the sculpture trail located outside that I must travel to get to Waitrose!

I think the journey has definitely inspired me to get out there and work even harder to maintain a creative mind set. It feels kind of like a fresh start and I’m hoping that being here will allow me to share ideas and concepts with similar minds – something that I haven’t really had before.

Free Blogging Numero 2

Here we go again! This time I have to type for 10 minutes. I’m actually really enjoying this rambling…it’s fun! Interested to see where I’m gonna go with this one.

So this post is going to be on me starting a creative degree and my thoughts and feelings over the past 2 weeks. I’ll admit before I arrived I wasn’t exactly confident in my creative abilities, and having plans to do maths at university as well beforehand made me feel like I was set back compared to other people who had no limits on their creative freedom. This made me pretty nervous to begin and I wondered what everyone else would be like on the course. Settling in was remarkably easy for me, and after one night at halls and going to a house party at what seems to be the classic part place here, I had met some lovely people who in tern became good friends and extended flat mates pretty quickly. We have communal meals which is amazing because I am literally clueless in the kitchen, which makes me feel bad because pretty much everyone else is like a pro. Like seriously guys, go on Masterchef or something! But as much as they like teasing me about my culinary skills, they do offer me a lot of help and lie to me that my food’s okay. Thanks guys, it’s appreciated!

In terms of my degree, so far I’ve found it really fun. The amount of creative freedom here is absolutely insane and I’m not used to it yet! I feel like I’ve been contained for so long that now my minds all over the place with so many ideas…because I’m allowed to have so many now! It’s great. Loved the first task with the charity shops and reinventing old things…me and Leanna had a lot of fun making the book creepy and trying to burn it!

I’m running out of time so this may be an abrupt ending….but yeah Uni is so far so good and I’m looking forward to seeing what direction I go. I feel bad cus the majority of this was about my bad cooking skills….haha sorry!

Free blogging

Today we created blogs (the blog you’re reading!) in my course which was pretty cool. I’m excited to have something that allows me to post what I’m thinking creatively or to update on how far I’ve got with projects or work etc. I previously used to post stuff like that on tumblr but I’m hoping this’ll seem a bit more professional and my posts won’t get lost in the vast amount of gifs and images I reblog that are completely irrelevant to anything I’m doing creatively. I hope to update this with feelings about my work and the work of others, and to give an insight in to what’s going on in my head as I work throughout the next year or anything that inspires me as well. Okay I’m kind of waffling now because the lecturer is making us type anything in our minds for five minutes…sorry! But waffling can be good because ideas can come out of the randomest places and it amongst all the rubbish I’m sure I’ll be able to find some really great things 🙂

Oh no out of time! AAAHHHH

Review: Shaun of the Dead = Dead Good!


Shaun of the Dead is a 2004 comedy film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the two protagonists. The film pushes the borders between quite a few different genres and can be possibly known for being the first ‘ZomRomCom,’ the hybrid mix of zombie, comedy and romance. Pegg mentioned the genre in an interview, ‘…we wanted to take a very sort of British style of romantic comedy, in the vein of Richard Curtis and stuff and people in London – and then subvert it. In that respect, it was a kind of first.”

Directed by Edgar Wright, who has also worked with Pegg and Frost on more recent films such as Hot Fuzz (2007) and The World’s End (2013), has created an iconic and easily recognisable style throughout the series of movies.


Wright with Pegg and Frost
                                    Concept art for the ‘Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy”

Consisting of many fast paced and quick cut edits, along with a very cool and loud soundtrack, these reflect the energetic nature of the film very well. One of my favourite scenes entitled ‘the plan’ and it provides a clear example of this.


The design of sets and the use of locations, highlighted a very English way to life, and this in turn benefitted the British humour style throughout.


On set in the typical English style pub used throughout the movie – perfect example of the production design used.

Likewise, the actors used were predominately all British, consisting of a cast of many experienced people who had worked in comedy genres, stand up or sitcoms before, which for me only improved the quality of humour in the acting. There were also cameos from such comedic folk as Martin Freeman, Matt Lucas and David Walliams which I found to be a nice touch to exaggerate the British factor.

For me, I thought the script was one of the best features of the film consisting of very witty, yet simple jokes and displaying a good sense of the classic British humour. Digital effects were kept to a minimum, with more focus being put on to the acting, script and use of actual fake gore to add even more hilarity. In my opinion the film was very successful, providing me and many others with laugh after laugh, something that I normally find very rare in films nowadays. My own personal rating would be 8/10 zombies!

Rotton Tomatoes gave the movie an impressive 91% on the tomatometer and you can check out the review here. I’ve also found some interesting facts that I’d recommend to check out if you are also a fan of the movie.

Thanks for reading!