Creative Journey : Work Progress

Since being here we’ve been assigned several tasks to do which have been fun and a great introduction to meeting people and to the course. The first task was done in pairs and we had a briefing to find something in a charity shop and reinvent it, each partner paying £1 towards the object.  This was very exciting with lots of possibilities and the ideas between us where endless.  This is when my partner and I first noticed the amount of creative freedom allowed, something both of us hadn’t experienced before, and this excited us further about what we could do with the project.  After several quite different and strange ideas, including making a fluffy monster out of an old hat, we found an old children’s book about monsters and we felt inspired to continue this further into more of a sinister tone.  We also thought this would be handy as a prop for any horror films or photographs we make in the future, and therefore would be an overall plus. We used a mixture of acrylics and ink in order to graffiti the book and make it as creepy as possible, as well as standing outside in the freezing cold for about half an hour burning the edges! We also had to do some research into frightening symbols to make the horror seem more realistic and thought out.


IMG_2475 IMG_2476 IMG_2479

IMG_2485 IMG_2486

As we were planning our designs this picture fell out of the book, giving us even more inspiration to continue with the idea as well as using the photo’s motif ‘A load of mischief’ for a key element of writing. This quote can be found all over the cover, as well as various places inside, giving the story a bit of depth and background.


We also thought it would be a cool idea to reference movies throughout the book as our own personal touch.



I’ve always been interested in animation, and in my spare time I got inspired to focus more on character design in a more cartoon style, rather than following my traditional ways of sight drawing. I found this very relaxing and I really enjoyed thinking about what physical traits and personalities to give my characters.

IMG_2472IMG_2494People have told me my style is quite ‘Burton-esque,’ and so I decided to look into his style of drawing as well.

IMG_2470I’ve been really enjoying doing my own creative projects recently, as well as those set in my course. Doing stuff like this reminds me to stay creative and think about how I can better my work.


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