Future Me…

I went through a lot of old footage I’d taken throughout the past couple of years and thought I’d collect some clips together as a reminder to what you were like back in the day and to offer you some advice which I know you’ll forget! Check out the video for some awesome memories and stuff.


3 thoughts on “Future Me…

  1. Hey I like the way you make short films! Great way to learn to make movies. Just been trying to make some stuff myself and I like how you use simple ideas. What camera and editing program are you using?

    • Thank you 🙂 it’s lurvely getting comments like this. I’m using a canon 600d at the moment, but the Future Me video was done over a range of cameras that I had in the past. I use a mixture between final cut 7 and premiere pro. Hope that helps you!

      • Cool, thanks! I’m just getting started; still in the learning phase. It is good to know what other people are doing / using. Keep going! 🙂

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